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October 16, 2014

Where in Dubai Fashionistas, Designers and Brides shop, create & meet?

Dubai became the World’s fashion hub , we all know that. The Bride Show is one of the most popular events every year in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It lasts for 3-4 days and sees retail fashion & jewelry companies, designers, event organizers and caterers, display their unique products in one place.

Fashion exhibitions, represent local brands and designers who do not have their own physical boutiques but are selling their collections through instagram. They have the opportunity to showcase their designs when gathering at this kind of fashion fairs which go on in particular before Eid or other events.

Photo: Eid Fair Dubai, Sunset mall.

During the year we can also attend some private & collective fashion shows that may take place in public venues such as Dubai mall or in different boutiques etc.

Where do local designers learn the fashion trade? Who has opportunity, go and learn it in US and Europe. Who does not travel, might learn it locally and has to find his/her own way. Some of them learn fashion design in Fashion Design Event house in Jumeirah (link to instagram video) with haute couture, internationally recognized designers where they also can produce and then display their collections. So their customers can come & try their favorite designs, meet the designer and buy.

(Pic of learning..scketches, working etc)

Why many designers do not have factual shops? First of all the rent may be expensive and secondly, it is very hard to rent showroom in a popular location, therefore the only chance to see live all items of designer’s collections is to not miss these Brides’ & Fashion Fairs and shows or in these few fashion houses where designer can rent a space.

Jumeirah has popular S*uce and Flora Gardenia Fashion House. Sauce is offering a mix of unique pieces by up-and-coming international designers, who are mainly only displayed in their boutiques but have to carry on the production expenses & headaches on their own. Flora Gardenia has own tailors, fabrics, and the whole business support. Very convenient for the beginners or those who has limited budget. (Link to instagram video)

Sauce and Flora Gardenia (FG)both started from relatively small retail destination in Jumeirah and grown to be fashion and lifestyle concept phenomenon. Giving opportunities to new designers promote their business to new level and reaching more loyal buyers.

FG is run by a haute couture designer -Arab origin who has significant achievements in the fashion design & production career. The idea behind was to give opportunity to other designers not to only display their collections at his fashion house but also to train those who want to learn haute couture techniques and this business in general. (link to the instagram video)

He owns spacious two villas fully equipped for fashion retail & production . Talented tailors who perfectly chosen for their knowledge and skills can do absolutely anything that designer or customer could dream about.

So there are many different options for designers, fashion business owners and fashionistas themselves to shop from local designers.

Where from we get last fashion Abayas, Jalabias, Kaftans, Evening Gowns, Jewelry, Lingerie, Wedding dresses all unique and exclusive stuff? Some would go to Dubai mall or different boutiques searching for a famous brand, someone shop through instagram or tailor on their own and other from places such as Le Paon Blanc retail boutique in Jumeirah:

(they also lunched event organizing company that helps with organizing weddings and fashion shows. Basically, this house became like a mini Bride show exhibition that is opened daily the whole year and not only those 3-4 days a year.)

We do care about the place we buy from. So. if one say “from karama”, well sorry, but none would like it much. But if you say “from Jumeirah”, it certainly will be appreciated and noted as something chic. It is not because of the price they pay,but for the high quality and prestige this place has gained.

Local designers know taste of Khaleejias-who are their general customers, better than any. And it is great to have so many options to see their creativity in real through these fashion houses, shows and Eid fairs. Dubai in deed makes our dreams to come true.